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Business setup
Grab the best Business setup services with us
Enviroment Friendly Solutions
Setting up a new business itself is a tough and tricky task. From legalisation to formation, it demands a lot of paper work. Whether, you are opening a partnership firm, a public limited company, a private company or a joint venture, we work for all types of Starting a business entity. Furthermore, we provide business setup services for both national and international clients.
To form a new company, you need to pass through many legal activities. It requires approval as well as registration from many authorities, for that you probably tend to maintain a separate department or hire a lawyer. Moreover, this process is quite expensive. We provide all maintenance services too.
We have eliminated the need of a lawyer and provide pocket friendly business setup services. Being as our client, you will definitely save the cost. From legal authority to clerical work, we provide all the services pertaining to your business setup.
With us, you will get a team of trained and professional workers, who will provide you all the basic Company Formation along with proper market research that you need to know at a time, about your business.
Our aim is to provide you “A” grade securities. With us, your business and financial reports are quite safe. We use high technology to safeguard your daily data. We also provide you an advisory council to assist you in your day to day queries.
Working in given time frame, is our first priority. Our well – trained staffs are strongly focused on the aim of your business. Moreover, we will work for you from the day to night. Our web portable is ready to assist you by 24*7 and have expertise to deal with any situation.
Our clients will be benefited with the great amount of ease and success. We are able to bring necessary regional focus to the job. Set up a business are quite remarkable and cost effective with us. Our staff members will get complete details related to your Startup business and completely work according to your desires and demands.
In short, you will get a total solution for your business setup, with us.

Book keeping
The best Bookkeeping Services are here
Fresh & Different Approach
Whether, you are launching a new start-up or running an established company, keeping accounting books up-to-date is the most essential thing to do. Buying bookkeeping software and hiring bookkeeping personnel can be very expensive. Such companies, who are in need of Book Keeping Services, can be benefited, by us.
We eliminate the need of a bookkeeping accounting division and provide you bookkeeping services at just 50% of the cost. Our dedicated and loyal staffs give you the best bookkeeping services, completely according to you. We never compromise with the technology. Being as our client, you will definitely get updated and well-functioning software for your work.
With us, you will get a professional and well-trained bookkeeping team, who will get to know your business and can easily manage your books. Our aim is to provide you the best accounting and bookkeeping services at affordable price. For new comers, we also provide some special facilities with special offers.
For us, keeping security is the primary duty. For safety purpose, we keep your books at confidential place. Our responsible and professional team gives you a bank grade security. We take extraordinary measures to secure your important data.
Our staff members get complete information pertaining to your business and stay focused on it. We completely work according to your requirements and directions. For solving the general problems regarding bookkeeping, we have a suggestion box.
Our team ensures you complete financial management from bookkeeping to tax payment. We keep your financial records up-to-date and get your tax payment done on time. If you want help in other matters of management, we are always ready to help you.
No more need to handle papers. With us, you will be provided a paper free and computerised online bookkeeping services. You can easily access your scanned photocopies and documents from email and mobile.
Our efficient team will work for you for all the day and night. Furthermore, with internet access, we will stay in touch with you by 24*7. In case of problematic conditions, we are here to help you out. Our quick to work staff is efficient enough to handle any emergency and contrary situation.

All types of Accounting Services are here

To maintain accounts you need to pass through many financial and strategic procedures. Accounting services outsourcing is a bulk work that demands many different departments. To get this huge work done, it will surely demand a large amount of money as well as time.
To get rid of this long procedure and many financial problems, contact with us. We provide the best outsourced accountancy services at regional and cost effective price. Being as our respective client, you will surely save a lot amount of money.
For us, accounting is a combination of many services, such as preparing financial statement, filing of tax returns and tax refunds, auditing, managing of financial books, etc. Moreover, we also help clients in determining cash flows.
We work for all types of firms, whether; it is a small scale industry or a multinational company. We do provide discount offers as well monitory benefits to the new comer.
For better management, all organisations demand a high level of accounting and tax services. For that, we will provide you a team of professional and highly qualified workers. Our staff members are efficient enough to update you with the on-going market trend.
Our effective team is also specialised in setting up a computer accounting system and auditing information system. To complete this higher grade work, we follow a unique process. Our process is documented in order to maintain consistency and to provide 100% customer satisfaction.
We create a value creation agreement with clients to protect their firm and provide safer services. Furthermore, we offer a full range of solution to help you in long term success.
For business, security is a major issue. We work well at this level too. Our expertise team works with due care and integrity. We use latest upgraded technology to keep your books confidential.
Completing work with punctuality is our best quality. We our focused on delivering quality work within given time. Our team is well-trained in adopting new accounting standards and principles.
In brief, with us, you will pay for one, but will get benefited by all, on the given time limit.

Auditor works
Get Experienced Auditor Works Services

A system that understands and improves the client’s experience is here. Yes, we, an origination, work for efficient audit services and financial services. From verification of assets to management of tax, our system provides all the services pertaining to an audit department.
For verification of your inventory and other tangible as well as non-intangible assets, you probably need to hire an auditor and to design a separate audit department. These things are costly as well as time consuming.
With us, all above problems will go off air. Our aim is to provide you best company audit services with maximum satisfaction that can easily fit your pocket. You can cut down your cost level by 50%.
With this, we also provide all information related to a tax department, our efficient and well-trained workers will also give you tax management and tax planning services. So, you do not need to pull more money to design an audit department as well as a tax department.
To our clients, we provide a detailed understanding of their system’s financial conditions, and enable them to make smart decisions for the future. We also provide an advisory council to their growing business.
Loyalty with security is our first priority. With our responsible team members, you need to worry about your data. We use the highest level of technology, for better protection of your data and keep them confidential.
Our chartered accountants execute your financial position and operating results in a meaningful way. Our company audit process goes beyond the minimum requirements of statutory auditing services. Chartered accountants do a regular discussion to improve your internal financial control and also suggest strategies to overcome weaknesses of your business.
We do computerised work, so you can easily stay out of handling the manual paper work. You can transfer your data from emails and mobiles. Your data can be updated and edited with ease and according to your exact demands and requirements. Through internet, you can access with us by 24*7.
We are very punctual towards our work and completing the work in given time frame is our best quality. Moreover, our efficient staff members are quick to work, and are able to handle any contradictory issues.

Service Tax/pan/Tan
Get Your Tax Related Important Cards Easily

Some tax relating cards are necessary to have for paying or deducting tax. These cards are important, not only from the perspective of matter of tax, but can also be used as verified identity. In general, issue of the above mention tax card is not easy; you may face off many legal problems. At this time, you can be benefited by us.
Our organisation provides all the services related to PAN card or TAN card in Chennai in a very short span of time and you will be able to save your precious time. We handle all the queries and issues relating to cards which are necessary to pay tax. It doesn’t matter that you are going through the process of indirect tax or direct tax; we will help you to get all types of tax cards.
From issuing the new PAN card or correcting and modifying the old one, we will help you in all the processes. Tax related things demand high grade of security and our staff members are effective enough to use the latest, upgraded technology. Your card details are secure with us, so, you need not to worry about all these security issues.
Our knowledgeable and expert staffs are available by 24*7 on calls too, that you can get inquiry about your card anytime by just dialling a few numbers. We provide the facility to register complaints pertaining to PAN cards in Chennai, which have lost and also reissue them. With the minimum processing fee, we provide pan card services in Chennai and TAN card services in Chennai with the facility of home delivery.
We will guide you to fill the application forms online and use the automated system of processing the transaction. We have many departments consisting of expert teams, who handle all the problems of relating department. Our department and team work with great coordination and provide all the required information to our clients.
Being as our client, you will be rewarded with various monetary benefits and special discount offers. The very first and most important aim of our organisation is working with honesty and getting customer satisfaction to the fullest.

Import - export code
Get Import-Export Code Services for Your Business Expansion

In this competitive era, business expansion is becoming the need of everyone. For expanding the business in the international market, you will definitely need an import export license. Our company will facilitate you in quick getting of the import export code. By going through all the procedures of the foreign trade policy, we provide quality services in given time.
To enjoy the benefit of this importer exporter code, you will have to follow a long chain of procedures. Our organisation is focused on the saving your time from all the legal and dramatic processes that you are required to follow. We will handle all your legal proceedings regarding to your import export code.
To continue this process, you just need to provide all the required papers and information. Further, we need your hand or digital signature to verify.
We have expert team of many workers to resolve all the queries pertaining to import & export license. We work for providing the best services, not for the earning money, but to assist you in your on-going projects. Our specialized team will eliminate your efforts relating to legal and formal work. Our highly skilled staffs provide you complete information regarding the issue of this ten digit code.
From the registration process to the delivery, we provide you the home services too. Our dedicated staffs work with 100% honesty and customer satisfaction. In our company, you will get the benefit of online processing of all the required forms and applications.
If you want to get your import export code in shorter time, we are here to help you out in your emergency, by providing our quick services. We keep scanned copies of your integrated documents at confidential places.
With us, you will get the information as well as suggestions to execute your international trade. You do not need to do a cost benefit analysis while investing in our organisation as we provide the maximum benefit at few pennies. Moreover, you will be given many special offers.
In short, being as our client, your all worries pertaining to the import export code will go off the air.

Company registration and Copyright services
For commencing a business, the prime requirement is the registration of your business in a form some organization, for example, Trust, Society, LLP, Partnership firm or a Company etc.
The next step includes completing some legal formalities like Registration of Sales Tax, Registration of Service Tax, Opening an account in a Bank, allotment of PAN card, Export Import Code etc. After performing these preliminary steps, the business owners may continue running their business worldwide without any hassle, for achieving their entrepreneurship goals.
During this journey of success, as a copyright service provider, we provide them a financial and legal support, assistance in outsourcing of taxation and accounting work, various auditing processes and other legal requirements.
Now-a-days, the process of brand registration is quite easy and user-friendly as it can be done smoothly and with the service providers like us. But presently, copy right can be done even sitting at your home. All you have to do is send us some important documents and leave rest to us.
We can complete the procedure stepwise for you, from starting till the end. You can send us the required documents and we do the rest. We have highly skilled and experienced staffs who register more than 300 companies in a month.
If you are on a thought of establishing a private limited firm, then it is extremely important to avail copyright registration services from a renowned service provider. A private limited company is an association of maximum two hundred members and minimum two members. In this case, the share transfer remain limited to the core members of the company and inviting general public for subscribing to its shares is not allowed.
The legal formalities for starting up of a private limited organisation are mentioned in The Indian Companies Act, 2013. Market is full of company registration service providers. But what differentiates us is the strategy we follow for providing patent registration services to our clients, the handling talent of our employees to deal with customers and the problem solving skills which aids clients in every situation in which they are stuck.
License and certifications
Get License and Certification for Your New Releases

Without a license, you cannot acquire a firm position in the market. Whether, you are opening a company or releasing a new product, you need legal registration for every new thing. Our organisation makes this process of business license in India easier and better. From registering a new start up to launching a product, we provide all the services pertaining to licensing and certification or registration.
Even many professional services need regulation or registration; we help and inspire all newcomers to get a license and certificates. We help our clients with customised services that assist them in truing ideas into reality in business.
With us, you do not need to worry about legality, as we undertake all the legal proceedings pertaining to licensing and certification. Our quick to work staff members provide you a hassle free work. We also work online; it saves your time and money.
Being as our client, you will be benefited with other facilities too. We provide several different facilities that help you achieve your organisation’s goal. We completely work according to the procedure and guidelines specified for business license in India and certification in India.
Whether, it is a matter of testing of sample products or evaluation of the same, we provide our clients assistance in on-going processes. Moreover, we are familiar with every detail involved in the process. We have reliable contacts to carry out the whole process with speed. We work timely and completely according to you.
With us, you do not need to pull down your pocket. We are simply affordable. We are aimed to give you the best services that can easily fit to your pocket. We provide you well-trained and professional team of our staff members, who will work for you by 24*7.
Our staff members will consider every detail given by you and with accurate market research also suggests you in structuring your goals. We believe in giving results, with us, you will experience the loyalty and honesty. Working in a transparent manner is our specialty.
In short, with us, you can leave out all the worries pertaining to licensing of your new company and certification of new brand and product.

ISO certification
In today’s market, we have ample amount of choices to select any product or services. For a single product, customer can choose from a large number of brands available in the market. Their choice of preference depends on the factors like brand value, availability, value for price and most important quality of the product.
Now the question arises, what defines quality?
Every individual has his or her own definition of quality. To standardize quality there are many organizations which provide iso certification to a business if you meet the desired benchmarks.
Any business or organization can get a competitive edge, if the particular brand, product or service is certified from the Accredited Certification Body. The ISO certification adds reliability to the products, which in turn helps gaining more preference and trust from the customer.
We, at Zcodia provide iso certificates to organizations providing products and services. Zcodia is an international management certification body. We meticulously audit and then provide certification to the organization meeting the ISO standards.
We provide ISO Certificates to the various sectors and domains.

Our expertise lies in:

• Quality Management System
• Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices
• Environment
• Energy Management Systems
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Information Security
• IT Service Management
• Business Continuity
• Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification
• Food Safety Management System/HACCP
• Aerospace

We have a team of professionals with the expertise in all the sectors.
Our pool of experienced and skilled staff will help to:

• Define aim and objective
• Give in depth knowledge on guidelines of ISO standard
• Define customer’s requirement according to the product and services
• Provide training on the standards to all the levels of manager
• Perform the audit process
• Define non-conformity

Our aim is to satisfy our customer, maintain the standards, provide efficient work with zero defects, mitigate the risk related to business and reduce waste. We are also involved in consulting, workshops, seminars, events and conferences based on standards and ISO certifications in Chennai.
By these services, we help small level businesses, middle level businesses and big level businesses to get familiar with ISO standards and ISO registration. Adherence to the ISO standards gives the organization a competitive edge and helps the business gain trust among the clients.

Trademarks registration
We have so many products and services in the market. To differentiate the products and services, organizations claim Trademark. In short, trademark is a logo, mark or brand that must be unique. It can also be in the form of taglines, phrase or jingles. It is an asset of the company and therefore to claim the ownership, trade mark registration is obligatory. The registration of Trademark will help from infringement and duplication of any mark.
Zcodia is an international intellectual property service provider. Here at Zcodia our main objective is to provide Trademark registration facilities to our customers with a hassle-free and quick response service. Our services include:
• Designing of Trademark
• Research of existing Trademark
• Assistance in registration process
• Filing of registration
• Filing opposition
• Providing strategies for the Trademark protection
• Providing guidance or filing of infringement related issues
• Post-registration facility
• Quality review process
• Renewal of Trademark
We have a pool of experienced consultants and lawyers that give assistance at every step of the procedure. Our team helps clients in registering, consulting, licensing and maintaining the trademark across the globe. We also give assistance to avoid infringement and help our customers in understanding the procedure if there is any kind of existing trademark.
For registration, we provide effective and efficient online as well as offline trade mark registry facility. Our client can keep tabs on the process online by checking the status of the registered trademark by the application number given to them. This helps in retaining transparency between clients. As soon as the procedure is completed and the Trademark is approved, the client will be informed and registration certificate will be provided via electronic channels and post.
The post-registration facility includes implementation and protection strategies, so that they can avail the rights of the intellectual property services.
We also provide easy and effective way in case of any change in address or the ownership of the Trademark. For the renewal of Trademark, our team gives full assistance to the clients.
We have also collaborated internationally, thus helping our client to claim the Trademark globally. The clients can apply via online and offline process, if they want to claim the trade mark registration internationally once they deposited the amount as per the company’s standard.
Patent writing
Join Us to Get the Best Patent Writing Services

With the expansion of business or launching a new brand and in general, you need to patent your ideas, concepts, brand names and your creative works.
You cannot file a patent application by your own, you need to hire an attorney general, and it is very expensive to go through that process. Seeing this huge costly legal process, you probably drop your dream out. Such persons or companies, who are unable to meet the pricing and legal procedure, must contact us. We provide the best patent registration services at affordable prices.
Patent writing has several purposes; we work in all fields in terms of patent writing. Moreover, we can provide you the exact type and pattern of the patent writings services completely according to your desires and requirements.
Patent writing is directly connected to the copywriting laws, our staff members have a clear understanding and a better functioning about the same. Furthermore, we have intensive knowledge about different aspects of patent writing.
Patent writing is a combination of drafting ability and technical understanding. With us, you will be awarded with the latest technology, our team members are efficient enough to face off any drafting procedure. They all have professional qualifications.
For smaller and growing companies, we help in building up their intellectual property assets; launch a new product that ultimately builds company value. Furthermore, our experts work according to current, standard drafting guidelines specific to patent issue authority.
We properly understand the need of your organisation and work according to the same. With patent registration in Chennai, we also provide consultancy services. We manage an advisory council for our clients and help them in taking timely decisions, also assist them in structuring their objectives.
Being as our client, you will be benefited by many things, such as speedy procedure, low investment, etc. Yes, our expert engineers speed up the patent registration procedure with pocket friendly costs.
Doing work with honesty and legality are our main motto. With us, you can also get emergency services; we do proper market research to help you in achieving your goals.

Advocate for Legal and corporate consultancy
Legal consultant assistance is indispensable. With complicated legal environment, corporate and businesses need reliable legal advice for the smooth functioning of business. We have a pool of experienced and expert attorneys catering to the legal needs of domestic and international clients. With profound knowledge of laws and rules, we provide reliable legal services to the clients. We surely understand the issues and legal needs offering personalized solutions that work for their business.
The blend of litigation services, settlement of disputes, notices and reply of notices, litigation drafting, legal consultation and arbitration and conciliation services are offered by the expert advocates at affordable prices.
Legal advisor have a great impact on working of business. Having a wide practicing area of attorneys, gives us a scope to provide legal solutions to many clients. Covering corporate law, civil law, criminal laws, cyber law etc., advocates have a wide range of experience to offer effective solutions to customers.
Our corporate lawyer cater to the corporate legal needs of clients meticulously and diligently, thus we have formalized several teams to serve the clients such as arbitration team, specialized legal team, and conciliation team for timely legal process.
Why choose us?
 Qualified legal team- Tell your legal requirements for starting a business, always be honest and true to us. Rest; leave it on us as we are expert in offering high quality legal solutions well within time. The legal support provided by the team of expert advocates increases the value of your business.
 Legal consulate services- We are there for you any time when you require consultancy services for the growth of your business. Client satisfaction is out top priority. We focus on achieving customer satisfaction with our reliable and professional services.
 Expert in documentation – We have great experience in documentation and also in drafting of various legal documents such as will, notices, deeds, contracts, agreements, legal letters, power of attorneys, and assignments.
 Effective consultation- Our advocates in Chennai offer reliable consultancy services to redressed of disputes by arbitration, mediation and conciliation at affordable prices. We support our clients at every stage and render effective legal services for all kinds of contracts.
Corporate Legal advice

Legal advices by advocates are precious for every business. We understand the problems of business environment and clients thereby offering quality legal solutions and advices. Ineffective legal solutions create business issues, delayed judgments, and loss of revenues.
Legal issues are stressful for businesses. They are time consuming, lengthy, challenging and disturbing for corporate. Without expert legal support, it is extremely difficult for businesses to handle such issues smoothly and easily. Hence, it comes out to be true that every business needs personalized corporate legal advisor support to solve legal matters.
Our team of qualified professionals and advocates offer constructive corporate legal advices for clients. With our legal support, clients can solve their legal issues in time with no hindrances. Corporate matters are very challenging such as partnership deeds. Joint venture, commercial agreements, intellectual property rights, agency, distribution, leasing, property issues, sub contracts etc. Intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, and designs.
We corporate legal services on diverse legal aspects and ensure that your business runs smoothly without any legal issues. We are determined and committed team of advocates providing quick legal solutions to clients at affordable prices. Our experience speaks our success story. We have handled challenging business law issues and solved within reasonable time with our efforts.
Why us?
 Comprehensive advisory services- Our experts offer effective corporate legal services in various domains such as tax, finance, audit, incorporation, reconstruction of company, partnership, legal and market related.
 Ensure regulatory compliance- Having experience and profound knowledge allows advocates to be update and monitor Government laws, regulatory compliance for effective corporate documentation. For example, if you desire to acquire a company, is it a right decision? For this, we analyses the finances and other aspects of the company with due diligence to ensure you take a right decision for expansion of business with proper business law.
 Risk management- Our corporate legal advisor duty is to be proactive and inform you the legal risks involved in taking a step towards growth. We analyses all the risk and liabilities involved in the decision taken at the corporate level. It is the responsibility of the expert advocates to examine the aspects such as finance, taxation, legal and accounting before entering into a contract

Legal issues and other legal document works
Legal matters are risky, challenging and technical issues requiring expert and specialized practical guidance. You may be the CEO, the CFO or a senior executive of the corporate team of a company; you still require legal guidance for sure. Our personalized services support clients and render them high quality and reliable legal services for all legal matters.
We are committed and focused to help clients in the matters related to ownership. Usually, there are several matters raised to business such as conflicts, disputes related to Company Law Board. In such matters, legal solutions are found with the analysis of shareholder agreements, articles of associations, memorandum and other partnership agreements.
With sheer professionalism, our corporate lawyer move towards solving legal problems at a higher pace. We understand how many hindrances legal problems cause in your business. We advise clients on several matters related to Securities Board of Exchange (SEBI) involving delisting and listing issues. Important transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and joint ventures involve participation of two or more companies. It also matters how fruitful would be the transactions for the companies. Here, comes the role of expert advocates legal advice.
We take care of legal document preparation services, regulatory compliances, risk analysis and examination of the legal aspects for the smooth operation of the legal process. The clients can expect the quality standards of business legal documents services and concentrate on their business goals.
There are several legal aspects related to foreign exchange. All the foreign ventures and investments come under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act). We provide legal document services and advices for client’s foreign ventures and investments. It includes applications to RBI, transfer of shares, allocation of shares, permission for opening of a branch, direct investment overseas, external commercial borrowing, foreign collaborations, government approvals, issuance of statutory certificates etc.
Companies also seek advices related to labour laws. We have a team of experienced advocates providing compliance of employment regulations and labour laws. We provide cost effective legal advices and help in drafting employee contracts and agreements. Our professional advocates advice and help clients for acquiring establishment licenses for a shop which is mandatory for registration under labour compliance.
Cyber laws
The internet revolution, advanced technological solutions and high use of internet in organizations, governments and public has led to the development of cyber law act. For any transaction, venture and documents drafted and transferred electronically, issue arising legally is considered under cyber laws.
We are dynamic firm providing comprehensive legal services related to cyber laws. Transmission of data is the most important aspect of cyber law. Cyber law in India governs internet laws, data protection act, financial crimes, economic offers, copyright, banking crimes, data theft, writ petitions, software piracy issues, hacking, abuse and other problems related to cyber-crimes.
With increase in cyber-crimes, we have specialised team of advocates having in depth knowledge of cybercrime law and providing effective and timely solutions.
We have the best legal understanding of legal issues arising under cyber crime laws. Clients can rely on our quality legal services for cyber issues related to theft, privacy, abuse or data tampering. These issues are handled on high priority and effectively processed for reliefs.
We understand the importance of your goals of business, and ensure to achieve great success. We are excelling in legal knowledge to suit your requirements and offer you cost effective solutions by leveraging our knowledge, talent, innovation and quality services.
We help businesses to achieve the goals and have expertise in process of e- documentation. We provide reliable and timely solutions for e-publishing, e-commerce, software services, legal process outsourcing, audit and compliance.
IT security and management has become indispensable today. We ensure to provide cost effective solutions to clients and provide support at every aspect. With us, you can stay focused on business goals and develop core competencies.
Why us?
• Endless support- We are there for you at every stage of legal process. We take cases in hands from its inception and close it with victory. We offer quality, honesty, sincerity and due diligence in offering services.
• Professionalism- We ensures to follow high class professionalism in services and have employed expert advocates for effective legal services. We empathize with clients and offer them cost effective solutions to ensure smooth functioning of business.
Intellectual property
An Easy Way to Get the Best Intellectual Property Management Services
It demands proper study and care to purchase any intangible property. Whether, it is market valuation or cost determination, it always tough to take decision on any intellectual property in India. For purchasing any intellectual property, companies may tend to hire a researcher or to decorate a separate cost department. Such company, who are in need of these services, can be benefited by us.
Hiring any person or designing a separate department is quite expensive and time taking, with us, not only you will save your money, but also time. Yes, we provide you money managing intellectual property services. We provide assistance at every step, from valuation to registration.
We provide the best intellectual property Management services to all required persons. Providing only intellectual services do not meet the criteria of our organisation, as we work on a wider level and provide all the other support services pertaining to intellectual property. IP litigation, IP licensing and transaction support, IP administrative support, are some criteria that we cover.
Our organisation, work with a combination of traditional values and modern techniques. We provide innovative and brilliant ideas for all types of business. We welcome and motivate new comers for business growth by our intellectual property lawyer is expert counselling and suggestions.
While purchasing any intellectual property, a great market research is needed. Our aim is to provide you information along with proper market research to assist you in attaining your organisation’s objectives.
For that, we have a separate team that works according to trend and provide you the accurate market conditions. We emphasis on giving results, with us; you will be benefited with the latest market trends.
Whether, it is a matter of getting patent or issue relate to your brand’s valuation, our professional team will assist you according to your demands and necessity. Moreover, with us, you do not need to pass through a big headache of legal proceedings.
Our blend of global expertise, technology and resources provide ease to your workflow, and act decisively in times of change. In addition, with us, effective implementation of strategies will stand you at ease.
IT JOB Consultancy
Enjoy Bright Future with the Help of IT Job Consultancy Services

In every firm and company without a human workforce, attainment of the goals is quite difficult, as every organisation need well-qualified workers. Human workforce is the real agent of both the growth and productivity, and we tend to provide you the same. Yes, we work in the field of IT job consultancy.
We fill the recruitment and search for you the best candidate according to your need and requirements. We bring the human workforce that empowers you. We know, it is a very crucial hiring process, and as a leading requirement consultancy firm, our placement consultancy tend to meet you with the right talent.
In this competitive era find an employ is quite difficult, it demands both time and money. With us, you will be provided the best candidate in the short span of time. Moreover, we do not charge more; we are according to your budget.
We are firmly committed towards your requirement process and help you hiring the best and the most talented IT workers. We provide all the job consultancy services pertaining to the IT department.
Mid-level management to senior level management, our placement consultants in Chennai offer all the requirement consultancy services. In addition, we also help you finding and hiring your leader. While filling the requirement, we particularly focus on talent and choose a candidate that can work for you, and assist you in achieving your organisation’s objectives.
We are not like others, our working process is quite unique and our staff members are honest and loyal to work. They are engineers and completely understand your organisation’s need. We wisely handle the emergency situations.
Our placement consultants are specialised in IT staffing and software industry requirements. We not only provide you requirement services, but also facilitate you with many other services. We serve manpower requirements, IT staffing, leadership hiring, talent acquisition services, placements, contract staffing services.
Our organisation not only works with you, as a consulting partner or staffing partner, but also a strategic partner. Our aim is to provide you the maximum manpower to help you in your success.

Merger and acquisition
Get Your Merger and Acquisition Successfully Done

Business expansion through the scheme of mergers and acquisitions in India is a tricky task. It may prove to be very beneficial, if you choose the target company wisely or vice versa if you choose the company randomly. Our organisation provides you all the services regarding merger or acquisition.
Get the merger and acquisition successfully made passes through the typical chain of business as well as legal proceedings. Being as our client, you need not to take burden regarding legality; our team is efficient enough to take you out in any situation.
We also provide support services for successful merger and acquisition. We help you to choose the target company and give a comparative analysis statement of various companies. Other than these, we also provide the statement of financial benefit which you will gain after the merger or acquisition.
We facilitate all kinds of services, whether it is merger, acquisition or purchase. We have many expert teams to handle different types of purchase. The staffs of our organization are honest enough and quick to work.
With us, you will get all the services at one place at least cost and with several benefits. Moreover, we help our clients to develop their growth strategies to attain their goals, our advisory manager will also suggests you in strategies planning to assist and support in achieving your unique growth objectives.
Going through mergers and acquisitions is a huge task and a great decision. With us, you will be benefited with an advisory council that provide you all details pertaining to mergers and acquisitions consulting.
Our experienced staff members also help clients to come out the complex transaction execution process. From financial, operational, IT to financing options, we advise in capital and finance related issues. Furthermore, we have a unique blend of banking and insurance experience, so, with details, it allows us to look at the big picture.
Our mergers and acquisitions consultants provide the best services not only for small or medium size acquisitions, but also for large and typical mergers. Whether, it is bank merger or acquisition of an insurance company, we are here to provide these services by 24*7.

Secretarial Services
Creating a professional work environment that leads to a successful business is possible with secretarial services

Managing a business on the long run is never possible if the business does not grow on a professional route. In order to run a professional business you need to get assistance from companies offering secretarial services.
A company needs secretarial function in order to maintain the day to day activities of the business and it also meets the requirement of the administration. Hiring an experienced company secretarial service is very important as they will be able to handle the business in a proper way.
What are the advantages of hiring a corporate secretary?
• Professional front
• Effectiveness of business
• Lower possibility of error
When you run a business, you need to have a dedicated person to take care of the activities of your business as you cannot concentrate on every aspect. So when you hire a corporate secretary, you can leave your worries aside.
Professional front – The business is more professional with high quality corporate secretarial services. The company excels in the approach, decision making and administrative skills are the main things for a success of any business. Clients are easily impressed with by looking at the structured administration tasks executed by the experts.
Effectiveness of business– Having dedicated secretary to handle finances, reporting, form filling and other administrative work helps the business to grow to greater heights. When there are dedicated team to work on different aspects in a business, the efficiency of the business improves a lot.
Lower possibility of error –There is no room for error when there are experienced people to work on the administrative side of the business. When there is no room for error the chances of business growth is more than expected.
If you are looking for Compliance Management services, Legal advisory, Strategic management or any administrative management, hire a company secretary service from a well reputed company who can help you with bring success to your business. When you choose services from a company, make sure they are worth for the money and are reliable so that you can see your business growing in the right direction.