We have so many products and services in the market. To differentiate the products and services, organizations claim Trademark. In short, trademark is a logo, mark or brand that must be unique. It can also be in the form of taglines, phrase or jingles. It is an asset of the company and therefore to claim the ownership, trade mark registration is obligatory. The registration of Trademark will help from infringement and duplication of any mark.

Trademark Registration in Chennai

Zcodia is an international intellectual property service provider in Chennai. Here at Zcodia our main objective is to provide Trademark registration facilities to our customers with a hassle-free and quick response service in Chennai. Our services include:

Designing of Trademark
Research of existing Trademark
Assistance in registration process
Filing of registration
Filing opposition
Providing strategies for the Trademark protection
Providing guidance or filing of infringement related issues
Post-registration facility
Quality review process
Renewal of Trademark

We have a pool of experienced consultants and lawyers that give assistance at every step of the procedure. Our team helps clients in registering, consulting, licensing and maintaining the trademark across the globe. We also give assistance to avoid infringement and help our customers in understanding the procedure if there is any kind of existing trademark.

For registration, we provide effective and efficient online as well as offline trade mark registry facility. Our client can keep tabs on the process online by checking the status of the registered trademark by the application number given to them. This helps in retaining transparency between clients. As soon as the procedure is completed and the Trademark is approved, the client will be informed and registration certificate will be provided via electronic channels and post.

The post-registration facility includes implementation and protection strategies, so that they can avail the rights of the intellectual property services.

We also provide easy and effective way in case of any change in address or the ownership of the Trademark. For the renewal of Trademark, our team gives full assistance to the clients.

We have also collaborated internationally, thus helping our client to claim the Trademark globally. The clients can apply via online and offline process, if they want to claim the trade mark registration internationally once they deposited the amount as per the company’s standard.

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